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Huckleberry Ranch

Australian Shepherds
Australian Cattle Dogs / Heelers
Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Mini Schnauzers
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Welcome to our web site!
We breed and raised AQHA/APHA Horses
with great bloodlines and have for over 20 yrs.
We like the old Foundation bloodlines.
We like the Cow and Running bloodlines mixed.
We feel this makes a good combination.
We also breed and raise dogs and have for over 20 years.
We started out with Aussies,  then along came the Heelers and so on.
We now have 5 different breeds we specialize in. 
 We are not a puppy mill!!!
We strive in breeding and raising great working dogs as well as family pets. All our dogs get one on one attention, some go for rides in the car, have turn out time on 15 acres and most of all live in a nice clean enviroment. They are all healthy. We feed Purina Dog/Puppy food. Dogs and Puppies are wormed regular. ***Puppies will have had 2 sets of puppy shots and  sale with a Vet ck/Florida Health Certificate.